The Italian Mafia

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The Italian Mafia

This is a place to post about both of our Minecraft Classic, and Beta Servers!

Donations are no longer accepted, due to the current server status.
The classic server "The Italian Mafia" is discontinued. The maps are being transferred to Dramaslim, to host within the server Qube Foundry. The rules in regard to this will be made public soon. The site will undergo some changes to accommodate for the changes being made. I would suggest going to Qube Foundry for your classic server fix, and sticking with The Italian Mafia for an alternate game(s) that will be announced later. - Silus

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    Post  Doddy on Sun Oct 02, 2011 11:26 am

    1) Moderator candidates must be well respected individuals on the forums, who are Community Leaders/Role Models (no, this is NOT popularity).

    2) They must be people who help others with problems, promote and sustain our communities by posting good, intelligent posts.

    3) These are people who are usually at a steady "Calm" and don't bounce from highs to lows on the forum (moody).

    4) They demonstrate that they can take flames, deal with others in a respectful manner, be objective and in general, promote a friendlier atmosphere on the community. When they post, they post something worth while.

    5) They adhere to the forum rules - what might be borderline in a regular poster is in NO way appropriate for a moderator. They can be held to the "higher standard" expected from moderators.

    6) Work well and professionally in a team.

    7) Contribute AT LEAST 10 hours/week in moderating time. Busier times will require more time invested. Please carefully consider if you have the time necessary for the board you are applying for.

    Cool Lastly and very importantly, Moderator candidates are also expected to be able to show Customer Service skills and common sense in dealing with people in a professional manner.


    Position applying for:

    Why do you want to moderate?:

    What do you think would contribute to the moderating team? What qualities and skills do you offer?:

    Have you ever disagreed with a mod's action? If so, what would you have done as a moderator in that situation?

    Do you know the commands? Worldedit and the like.

    Are you willing to help others learn how to build?

    What is [23+4*67-35]?:

    Age: (By law this is only optional)

    Edit: Slightly edited by Chef. If you guys feel as though it is missing something please post it on the forums. Thanks.

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