The Italian Mafia

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The Italian Mafia

This is a place to post about both of our Minecraft Classic, and Beta Servers!

Donations are no longer accepted, due to the current server status.
The classic server "The Italian Mafia" is discontinued. The maps are being transferred to Dramaslim, to host within the server Qube Foundry. The rules in regard to this will be made public soon. The site will undergo some changes to accommodate for the changes being made. I would suggest going to Qube Foundry for your classic server fix, and sticking with The Italian Mafia for an alternate game(s) that will be announced later. - Silus

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    Post  KKings on Wed Feb 22, 2012 7:31 pm

    I would like to be A Mod because I have had Alot of experience Modding for other servers and i know the Cmds Very Well.

    I am very good with the world guard Cmds and am very good with helping people in need.

    I Have not disagreed with a mod before because the mods i was around before mad very good dicissons.

    Yes i am willing to learns cmds if there are news one for me to learn.


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    Post  markorply on Wed Feb 29, 2012 3:34 pm

    I played beta with kngs and and he proved himself really well with being a mod and I know he knows his commands(plugins)
    so i vote yes

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