The Italian Mafia

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The Italian Mafia

This is a place to post about both of our Minecraft Classic, and Beta Servers!

Donations are no longer accepted, due to the current server status.
The classic server "The Italian Mafia" is discontinued. The maps are being transferred to Dramaslim, to host within the server Qube Foundry. The rules in regard to this will be made public soon. The site will undergo some changes to accommodate for the changes being made. I would suggest going to Qube Foundry for your classic server fix, and sticking with The Italian Mafia for an alternate game(s) that will be announced later. - Silus

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    Post  markorply on Thu Mar 01, 2012 7:26 pm



    Why do you want to be a moderator on TIM?

    What services can you provide as a moderator which could be usefull? I'd provide additonal moderation as my time zone is different to quasimario's and campeze time zone by alot

    What plugins are you familiar with using?Worldedit,Worldguard,Logblock,Hawkeye,Bigbrother,permissions and permissions plus,thats wha

    How do you define regions for other people?/region define <nameofregion> [ownerofregion] [otherowner] [otherowners]

    Do you know the commands,if not are you willing to learn?
    I know enough commands and also I can learn fast

    As a moderator, should you be giving out spawned items to other players?No..well that depends since SMP is survival no spawning for players aka distributing spawned items but in creative you can spawn for yourself

    As a moderator do you have to follow the rules?Yes because I'm trying to set out an exmaple

    Have you been in an argument or disagreement with a staff member before?Yes, chef used to hate me so he tried to ban me also I used to be unfriendly with members of freebuilddude(not anymore)

    If an argument occurs between the members how would you react? depending on the situation, lets say this is a fight over something non related I'd tell them to stop and give them 1 more chance and the next one to continue the dispute would get muted for a while and if he tried to continue it on the server I would tempban

    Extra info:I changed the mod template a bit (sorry) so I could show more info Razz I can re do to default template if I have to

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