The Italian Mafia

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The Italian Mafia

This is a place to post about both of our Minecraft Classic, and Beta Servers!

Donations are no longer accepted, due to the current server status.
The classic server "The Italian Mafia" is discontinued. The maps are being transferred to Dramaslim, to host within the server Qube Foundry. The rules in regard to this will be made public soon. The site will undergo some changes to accommodate for the changes being made. I would suggest going to Qube Foundry for your classic server fix, and sticking with The Italian Mafia for an alternate game(s) that will be announced later. - Silus

    What could the future hold?


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    What could the future hold? Empty What could the future hold?

    Post  Chef on Mon Sep 05, 2011 12:10 pm

    I've been cooking up some ideas here and i'm going to make some pretty massive changes.

    A lava survival server.
    A zombie survival server.
    Our beta server coming back up. Probably going to wait until after 1.8 but i'm not sure.

    Now on those survival servers, there is a server software that is different from the one we use. It's a little bit older but i'm trying to get a hold of it. Speaking with the owner and developers to see what we can come to terms on.

    Q: Why add those 2 servers chef?
    A: I've been noticing that some of our members prefer these types of servers and it's become a virus. "Hey bob i'm going on ____Lava survival" Says Joe. "Okay Joe i'll bring Martha and Steven." Then before I know it my mods are gone along w/ half my members.

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